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.. .. ABOUT .. / . 


Fine Artist, Illustrator and Tattooist…//
18 years active./. ..
Working in the UK. ////…Born in Winchester.. ./ . ..Based in Eastbourne.


Tattoo Artist at Valhalla Tattoo, Polegate, Eastbourne.

Specialising in .. /.Blackwork. /// .. Abstract. / .Birds.. / Nature. //Watercolour.

IN DEPTH/...../. 

I am a self-taught artist. I started painting seriously around the age of 17; I got my first show and sold my first piece a year later. Like a lot of creatives though, my obsession started from childhood, where even my earliest school reports will attest to the obsession of drawing. (not that i actually bothered studying art whilst at school)

Over the years my art has taken many different forms and taken me to a lot different genres. I have curated interactive fine art exhibitions both collaborative and solo across the UK, done art drops around the world, sold pieces from London to New York, painted live at large scale at Urban Art Fairs and had my art exhibited in public city galleries. My art has always been punctuated with themes of Chaos, Accident, Decay, Darkness, a love for nature, Sympathy for animals and explorations of the frailty of human experience. 

Since 2018 after years of successes and failures; and a few attempts i am very proud to find my self operating in the world of tattoo body art. Each new genre i move through often informs the output of work. A lot of the themes I have carried through my career are now the bases for my work as a tattoo artist. As Tattooing is my main focus today each piece is a one off original and designed solely for the wearer of the tattoo in mind.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the work. 

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